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Unloading vest. Compatible with any stabilizers. Pro ARM compares favorably  the ability to move the camera to a greater distance from the operator. Must Have when working with stabilizers for a long time. Passes freely through doorways. Imitation of a crane. 


Load capacity: 0.45-20 kg

Telescopic arms: 58-69 cm

Weight: 6.4kg

Waist belt: 71-112 cm

Materials: Carbon, aluminum

This is a modern unloading vest with special mechanisms, thanks to which you can hang a camera weighing up to 15-20 kg. Thanks to the vest, the load is distributed evenly over the operator's body, relieving the hands. 
The READY RIG GS PRO ARM vest stabilizes the image along the Y axis. Easy to assemble (within 5 minutes). Light weight and small size for transportation, is a more effective means of support than EASY RIG. You can apply this vest to mid-range camcorders (as well as Blackmagic Cinema, Blackmagic Production, Canon Cinema, Sony FS, RED cameras) mounted on three-axis electronic steadicams. The working weight with which the redirig can work can reach from 1 kg to 20 kg. You can also use the weight-bearing vest for the DJI RONIN 3-axis stabilizer, DJI RONIN 2, Movi and DSLR cameras, if the weight of the kit is within the specified limits for use.

Ready Rig ProArm Kit

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