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Panther Husky Dolly is a convenient camera dolly for filming or studio projects. Thanks to the folding design, Husky is easy to transport; its platform can be folded, reducing the size by 2 times. At the same time, it is a stable platform, allowing up to 250 kg. payload, and a secure base for the cranes.

Weight: 27 kg

Permissible load: 250 kg.

Size: 80x117x27 cm.

Folded size: 80x68x36 cm.



Pneumatic wheels

Rail wheels

Straight rails - 13 meters

Vario Bazooka 35-75mm

Bazooka 20 cm

Bazooka 10 cm

Offset bracket (spoon) 50cm

Combi offset bracket

2 seats

Low Shot Plate

Bowl 100mm

Bowl 150mm

100-75mm bowl adapter

Side platforms for expanding the base - 2 pcs.

Note:  The trolley is rented out under the supervision of technicians (shareholders 2 people). 


Panther Husky Dolly

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