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A completely new development from the iconic tripod manufacturer, OConnor.

Tripod headUltimate 1040 created taking into account the same quality standards that the company uses in the production of top-end tripods. All that sets the 1040 head apart from its bigger brothers, the 2560 and 2575, is the lifting capacity. 


Stepless, ultra-soft panning mechanism  and preload.

Unique sinusoidal  The balancing system makes it possible to balance both heavy cameras weighing up to 23.5 kg, and absolutely light, almost weightless filming equipment. 

Ultimate 1040 is made using advanced materials: carbon, magnesium and aluminum alloys. This allows you to achieve consistent results even in the most difficult conditions.


Load: from 0 to 23.5 kg


Center of gravity - 102 mm

Center of gravity - 127 mm 
Center of gravity - 152 mm
Center of gravity - 203 mm

Load up to 23.5 kg
Load up to 20.4 kg
Load up to 18.1 kg
Load up to 14.5 kg

Tilt angle: +90° / -90°

Head weight: 4.8 kg including pad and nut, but without handle

Weight of tripod (legs) FLOWTECH® 100: 3.2 kg carbon fiber

Height max: 153 cm

Height min:    26 cm

Ball diameter: 100 mm

OConnor Ultimate 1040

15 000,00₸Price
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