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The LiteMat Plus 4  -lightweight, high-quality, 200 Watt, reliable and popular among film producers and video clip makers.  2304 new CineMitter LEDs are covered with a thin layer of polycarbonate, with Velcro around the perimeter. Controlled both locally and via DMX.

Included: Honeycombs 60*, diffusers (1/4.1/2.1), polyskirt, extended power cable 4 meters


Size: (533mm x 1016mm x 23mm) 
Voltage: 24V (full power from two V-mount batteries) batteries not included
Power: 200W
CRI: 95+
Temperatures: from 2600K-6000K
Brightness: 10192lum

LiteMat Plus 4 with LiteDimmer Plus Duo (DMX)

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