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Ronin 2 Professional Combo is a new generation stabilizer designed for professional photography. Its advantages include the lightness of the design, combined with the ability to withstand heavy loads of up to 13.5 kg. Thanks to upgraded motors, the gimbal ensures smooth shooting even in strong winds and other extreme shooting conditions.


DJI Ronin 2 Stabilizer

  • Feature stabilizer Ronin 2 Professional Combo is also the presence of a display, with the help of which the settings become even more accurate and faster. Two built-in batteries can provide power not only to the camera, but also to additional equipment. The smart batteries are hot-swappable, allowing you to shoot long scenes without needing to recharge.


    Supporting three main modes, built-in functions for operating the Ronin 2 Professional Combo stabilizer on board a car or flying drone facilitate the control process and save shooting time. The model is equipped with a 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz receiver, which makes it possible to use a remote control.


    • Ronin 2 Stabilizer


      Power hub

      Camera Mounting Panel

      Top mounting plate for camera

      Remote controller

      Battery compartment

      Intelligent Battery (TB50) - 2 pcs.


      Network cable

      Charging hub


      Accessory package (screws and hex keys)

      Cable set (Red Power Cable, Arri Power Cable, 2-pin Power Cable, DC Power Cable, 6-pin-to-P-tap Adapter, USB Type-C Data Cable, Control Cable for Red, Control Cable for Arri, Ronin 2 Power Cable, S-Bus Receiver Cable, 1 each.)


      Monitor Mounting Bracket

      15 mm rod

      15mm extension rod - 2 pcs.

      Ronin 2 Universal Mounting Plate

    • Characteristics

      Without handle: 350 x 416 x 530 mm, With handle: 630 x 416 x 720 mm
      Angular vibration range: ±0.02°
      Battery capacity: 4280 mAh
      Battery voltage: 22.8V

      Built-in functions: 
      Operating modes: -Suspended, -Inverted, -Portable, -Handheld, car mount, drone, tripod and steadicam, Built-in independent INS module, DJI stabilizer motors with encoders, Two batteries, Bluetooth module, D-Bus support, Receiver for 2 ,4 GHz/5.8 GHz, Temperature sensors, Built-in touch panel, Built-in GPS module, USB Type-C connector, Video signal transmission and power via slip ring

      Current: Static current: 300 mA (at 22.8 V) Dynamic current: 500 mA (at 22.8 V) Max. locked rotor current: 15 A (at 22.8 V)
      Operating temperature range: -20...+50° C

      Camera Holder Size: Max. depth from center of gravity to camera mounting plate: 245 mm Max. height from top of camera mounting plate: 165 mm Max. width: 180 mm

      Accessory Connectors: Camera Frame 14.4V x 4 (8A total), Pan Motor 12.6V x 2 (4A total), P-Tap 12.6V x1 (8A) )
      Communication interfaces: Remote control at 2.4/5.8 GHz; Bluetooth 4.0; USB Type-C
      Load capacity (reference value): 13.6 kg
      Weight: With handle: 5.5 kg Without handle: 4.2 kg
      Controllable gimbal range: Pan: 360° continuous rotation Tilt: +45° ...-135° Roll: ± 45°
      Recommended OS: iOS 9 or higher; Android 4.4 or higher


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