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Advanced wireless control system with two Arri Cforce plus and Arri Cforce Mini motors. for simultaneous control of focus and aperture or zoom, as well as an additional high-capacity battery.

The kit includes: electronic unit; compact hand-held control unit (remote control) LCS with handle, joystick and key switch; 1 cforce plus motor set (including butterfly clamp for 19/15mm rods, 0.8mm pitch gear); 1 cforce mini motor. 1 cable LCB-1 for motor (Le 4p/m to Le 4p/m - 0.8 m); 2 cable RRS-7 (Fi 3p/f to AntB 2p/m - 0.8 m); cfast pin connector (for 19mm/15mm rods); 5 marker rings; 3 batteries; Charger; compact transport case. The configuration can be expanded to 3 motors.


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