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Wireless lightweight control system with Arri Cforce Mini motor (weight 173 grams). For situations where every gram of weight counts. Convenient for installation on drones, stabilizers and handheld systems. 

The kit includes: electronic unit; compact hand-held control unit (remote control) LCS with handle, joystick and key switch; 1 cforce mini motor. 1 cable LCB-1 for motor (Le 4p/m to Le 4p/m - 0.8 m); 1 RRS-7 cable (Fi 3p/f to AntB 2p/m - 0.8 m); cfast pin connector (for 19mm/15mm rods); 5 marker rings; 3 batteries; Charger; compact transport case. The configuration can be expanded to 3 motors.


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