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  • The Canon EOS C100 Mark II camcorder is a new version of the popular Canon C100 camcorder. It is easy to operate, has an 8.3 MP Super 35-type CMOS sensor, dual-pixel CMOS autofocus and face detection autofocus. Canon Log gamma provides a 12-stop range (800% dynamic range) for maximum freedom in post-production, while the Wide Dynamic Range feature delivers faster performance, allowing you to create wide dynamic range video without the need for color gradation.

    The 8.3 MP Super-35 CMOS sensor produces Full HD images, while the camera's ISO sensitivity is increased to ISO 102400 and the noise level is very low. By combining with the video processing system found in the flagship Canon EOS C500 camera, the likelihood of rolling shutter defects occurring in the Canon C100 Mark II camera has been significantly reduced. 

    Dual Pixel CMOS AF provides convenient focusing control. Continuous AF automatically tracks and focuses on subjects in the center of the screen, making it easier to capture dynamic subjects. The camera also features high-precision single-shot autofocus and face detection autofocus, which allows you to focus on the subject's face, making the process of shooting with the camera very simple for filmmakers.

    The Canon C100 Mark II has expanded video recording capabilities over its predecessor: video files can now be recorded as AVCHD or MP4 in 1080/60P format on two SD memory cards, with the ability to use relay or simultaneous recording. You can also record AVCHD HD video while recording MP4 SD video for maximum workflow flexibility and fast results. The recording speed in AVCHD format is 28 Mbit/s, in MP4 format - 35 Mbit/s.

    The Canon C100 Mark II features a 3.5-inch 1.23 MP OLED panel and a large tilting electronic viewfinder for complete control over your shooting. Additional automatic features include Push Auto Iris, Auto White Balance, and Focus Assist. Full manual control is also available.

    Built-in Wi-Fi enables FTP file transfer (for preview) and browser-based remote control. With an HDMI output that allows high-frequency recording to external devices, the Canon C100 Mark II can be connected to external recorders. Built-in timecode can be output along with video and audio files, and 3 built-in ND filters with manual control make shooting more versatile.

    The Canon C100 Mark II camcorder allows you to record LPCM or Dolby AC3 audio. The top handle contains two XLR connectors and a stereo microphone. The camera body features a built-in microphone for continuous recording in the smallest configuration possible.

    The Canon C100 Mark II camera is lightweight and convenient; when rented, the camera comes with a convenient LowePro bag and an additional battery. We recommend renting a 64Gb memory card with your camera. Each of these memory cards allows you to record up to 5 hours 5 minutes (1920 x 1080 at 28 Mbps VBR). And the reinforced battery with which we equipped the camera allows you to record up to 400 minutes of continuous video.


    Includes: Canon C 100 Mark II camera, battery (2 pcs.), top handle with built-in stereo microphone, charger, carrying bag

Canon C100 Mk2

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