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Arri Skypanel s-30-c-  powerful, compact (luminous surface 30x30cm), multifunctional diode device.  This is the younger sister of the more powerful Arri Skypanel s-60-c with the same functionality, but at a more affordable price.

 3 main modes: 
1) CCT – standard mode, color temperature is smoothly adjusted (2800K – 10000K), plus/minus green from 0 to full; 
2) HSI – complete freedom of choice of color and its saturation (Hue, Saturation) 
3) Gel – mode of working with filters. In this mode, almost all filters from the Rosco or LEE catalog are available to you.
A ballast or platform for two V-mount batteries can be attached to the back of the SkyPanel. 

Accurate color rendering CRI > 95. Color temperature can be adjusted smoothly from 2800K to 10000K, plus/minus green. 
DMX control available

Arri Skypanel s-30-c

25 000,00₸Price
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