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The brightest on the market!

Aputure NOVA P600C is a new and worthy competitor to the legendary Arri Skypanel S-60. Moreover, it is brighter, while being more compact!

4 RGB panels in one

The powerful LED panel has four independent RGB zones, which allows you to get unusual lighting. The Nova P600C has 19 built-in effects, plus the ability to store up to 4 presets on shortcut keys to create artistic lighting on video. Color temperature adjustable from 2000 to 10000K

Main characteristics of Nova P600c


Soft light 600W RGBWW

Luminous Flux: 2298+ Lux at 3 meters at 6500K

Twice as bright as Nova P300c

Light quality: CRI and TLCI 95+

Control 4 zones independently

Customizable color temperature: 2000 to 10000 K

Green-Magenta Adjustment

Adjustment: Hue/Saturation/Intensity

Wireless control, compatible with Sidus Link mobile app

DMX512 control – 5-pin input and output

Control unit with Lightning interface

Cable 3 m long for convenient work with the lamp

4 programmable presets

Removable diffuser

2 output modes: maximum and constant

Variety of built-in lighting program presets

Selecting a frequency to reduce flicker

300+ standard gel sets

19 built-in lighting effects: police car, lightning, paparazzi, candle, fire and others

Stepless adjustment of light intensity from 0.1 to 100%

3-pin XLR, 48V/15A DC

Internal power supply

Operating temperature: -20 to +45 °C

360° rotation, convenient bracket


600 W

Nova P600C is the most powerful 2x1 panel on the market. As much as 600 W with a high color rendering index guarantees the most natural colors in the frame

Removable control unit

A pleasant innovation was the removable control unit. A remote control with a display on a quick-release mount can be connected to the panel using a 3m cable and controlled remotely. This feature allows you to mount the illuminator high without losing control of the device.


Sidus Link

Using the Sidus Link mobile app, you can remotely control compatible Aputure devices. From the smartphone screen you can control power, temperature and artistic modes of up to 100 devices




Control block

Neutrik powerCON power cable (6m)

cable 5-Pin XLR (3m)



Aputure NOVA P600C

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